Job to be done

Pandati, part of the Panda Retail Company Group wanted to initiate a Ramadan campaign using a series of online videos to position Pandati as “your local neighborhood store of choice”

The challenge was to embrace the season of Ramadan, Pandati & local insight/culture to create an engaging vernacularly linked campaign with a strong emotional link


Building on a strongly routed locally cultured practice, that many of us grew up witnessing as part of our social habit that had strengthen the bonds amongst neighbors across the years. The Ad shows the routine of a mother who runs out of a certain items in the kitchen and so asks her son to go to the closest neighbor to ask for the missing ingredients

The Ad emphasizes and plays on the concept that Pandati is like your Neighbor, located close to you where ever you live highlighting its strength in proximity and reach, it’s doors are always wide open and welcoming. Providing your daily essentials whenever you need them, Pandati is here for you

The Ad was split over 3 Teasers and 1 Reveal


Social Media (YouTube Online Campaign): Generated 1,044,594 views in 2 Weeks

Boost in Sales: Generated impressive sales growth

Footfall: Increased Footfall across Pandati stores

Overall: A successfully executed campaign that over-exceeded expectation





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